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The Maine Active Communities Conference aims to raise awareness of Active Community Environments, and to inspire all sectors that influence the built environment to strive toward making it easier for people to be physically active wherever they live, work and learn in Maine.

register2Active Community Environments (ACEs) are places where people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to be physically active via recreation and transportation, particularly walking and biking. These places: [list line=”no” style=”style1″]

  • Support and promote physical activity for ALL people
  • Have sidewalks, safe roads for all users, multi-use paths and trails, parks and open spaces and facilities for recreation
  • Have quality connections between homes, stores, workplaces, schools, downtowns and/or village centers

[/list] ACEs create a vibrant community atmosphere that enables healthy lifestyles, social interaction, environmental quality and economic prosperity. These environments: [list line=”no” style=”style1″]

  • Promote walking and bicycling opportunities
  • Provide accessible recreation facilities
  • Address street design and housing density
  • Foster trail connectivity
  • Improve availability of public transit
  • Encourage neighborhood school sites
  • Provide safe routes to school

[/list] Active Community Environment initiatives should focus on increasing walking, biking and access to places for physical activity (parks & recreation facilities) with an eye toward enabling members of the community to accrue their daily 30 minutes of physical activity simply by going about their normal routine, and or by making it easy for them to choose to be active.